2022 Courage Classic Bicycle Tour

Lupton Peddlers

Why We Ride...

We ride in gratitude to our frontline essential workers. Without you, Children's Hospital could not have continued its quality of medical and emotional support to our children and their families. This has been a very difficult and tumultuous time for everyone but you...the sales clerks, mechanics, truck drivers, postal workers, pharmacists, food workers, emergency responders, farmers, etc...you made it possible.

Our kids (Kolton, Sara, Mac, Noah, Thaddeus and Karina) are thriving, and we remain grateful to the hospital staff but we are also especially appreciative to our other essential workers for their sacrifices during the past 15 months. You helped make this possible.

Please consider a donation to any of our team member's personal fundraising pages to help ensure that Children's Hospital and its staff can continue to provide excellent services and support to our children and their families. Any amount is appreciated.

The Fort Lupton Peddlers

(Jennifer Gordon- Norby, Troy Norby, Vira Brock)

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