2021 Courage Classic Bicycle Tour

Lupton Peddlers


Why We Ride...

We ride to give hope to Children's Hospital Colorado's patients and families in our Fort Lupton and surrounding communities. This year, we ride for Karina!

Karina was in the care of CHC before was born. Her parents (Isabel and Edgar) learned that she had Down Syndrome midway pregnancy and at 30 weeks, Karina was diagnosed with Intrauterine Growth Restriction as a result of the lack of nutrition through the placenta. She was delivered prematurely in October 2018 via C-section with her unbiblical cord wrapped around her neck and required supplemental oxygen. On day 52, a swallow study was performed and it was determined that Karina required a gastrostomy tube (g-tube) to safely receive nutrition. Not an easy journey for this beautiful little girl!

Karina continues to require the services and support of CHC, specifically, the Special Care clinic, SIE center for Down Syndrome, Aerodigestive clinic, the feeding cliniic and an Opthamologist. She now has hearing tubes to improve her hearing and she has sleep apnea, requiring oxygen at night. She still has her g-tube but is starting to eat mashable foods; guacamole and hummus are her favorites. She still has a journey and we are grateful that CHC is there for her.

Please consider a donation to any of our team member's personal fundraising pages to help ensure that Children's Hospital and its staff can continue to provide excellent services and support to Karina and her family and other families in need. Any amount is appreciated.



The Fort Lupton Peddlers

(Jennifer Gordon- Norby, Troy Norby, Vira Brock)


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