2020 Courage Classic

Three mighty kids, one amazing hospital.  Raising money to make a difference.
Three mighty kids, one amazing hospital. Raising money to make a difference.

Tenacious Three

te·na·cious: tnSHs/ holding together; cohesive; not easily pulled asunder; tough. Synonyms: persistent, persevering, tireless, patient, unyielding, strong-willed

Inspired by the tenacity of three extraordinary children, Tenacious 3 is a cycling club with a mission to raise money for Children's Hospital Colorado.

The Tenacious 3:

Marshall (age 8) had two life-saving heart surgeries at CHOC - one at 5 days old and one at 2 years old. He will be monitored for future interventions for the rest of his life. He shows his surgery scars with pride because he knows that he is one courageous kid.

Ilse (age 4) was born with a severe lung dysfunction caused by meconium aspiration requiring over 6 weeks of life saving therapy at the Children’s Hospital. To save her life, she underwent an intensive and invasive heart and lung bypass procedure called ECMO. Her recovery was amazing and today we call her The Mighty Ilse.

Amelia (age 6) has been in treatment for Leukemia since July 2017. This life-threatening form of blood cancer has a 90% cure rate with 2.5 years of aggressive chemo. In the past year, she has knocked out hundreds of blood draws, over 10 spinal taps, 50 chemo infusions through her chest port and she has taken daily oral chemo meds - all to kill the cancer cells. Her grit, humor and adaptability would amaze you.

As parents of children facing life or death situations, we are part of a club that no one asks to join. But every day we are thankful that Children's Hospital has been there when we needed them most.

Join us in being inspired by three mighty kids and help the thousands of others that are treated annually by Children’s Hospital of Colorado.

Join us and ride The Courage Classic!

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