2020 Courage Classic

NICU- 'Spinning Spokes for the Littlest Folks'

‘NICU- Spinning Spokes for the Littlest Folks’ Courage Classic team continues to grow!  The past 4 years, we've donated our funds directly to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit - This year we are excited to continue our partnership with the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. In 2019 the PICU Peleton team generously partnered with the NICU Spinning Spokes in order to boost us to meet our fundraising goals! As two intensive care units we will unite and funds raised from both teams will be donated to the PICU in 2020! We have been able to purchase training equipment and continuing education for medical staff, toys for infants to use when in the NICU, gift cards for long term families to use for nights-out and much more and are excited to support a unit which cares for our babies after their graduation! Thank you to those who have supported us and continue to support us as we work to build our great team!

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