2019 Courage Classic

Team Madelyn at the 2018 Courage Classic
Team Madelyn at the 2018 Courage Classic

Team Madelyn

Why we ride for Team Madelyn

We are riding the Courage Classic, as a team for our daughter, friend and precious girl, Madelyn. We also ride for many other children we know...check out our individual team member pages to see more about the children we ride and pray for.  

Team Madelyn's riding team started with Madelyn's parents, Collin & Meredith Hill, and friend, Matt Nowland, deciding to ride the 2014 Courage Classic and join Team Guts in Gear (the GI team) and in 2015 we decided to start our own team, Team Madelyn.  Team Madelyn quickly grew to 9 riders in 2015, with three awesome kids on our team!  2016 and 2017 led to 16 riders on Team Madelyn and we keep growing!  We ride for many children...check out our jerseys this year, you'll see their names!  

We invite you to join our team and donate to our riders, we are blessed and thankful for your support and prayers as we go through this journey as a team.  Interested in riding on the team?  We'd love to have you join us!  Want to support the team by joining us or contributing to our team members?  We'd love to have you join us at the Courage Classic and cheer us (and the awesome kids we ride for) on!


Madelyn's story: Two weeks after she turned one, Madelyn was life flighted to Children's Hospital Colorado on June 5, 2009. After six days of testing and an endoscope, she left Children's with a diagnosis of deep vein thrombosis in the portal vein (unknown cause), resulting in portal vein hypertension, an enlarged spleen and esophageal varices. 

Madelyn has had many upper GI endoscopies and banding of any varices since the initial treatment. In the Fall of 2015, Madelyn experienced another emergent bleed that led to more banding and discussion of further testing and treatments.  Madelyn will deal with this for the rest of her life and we are thankful for Children's Hospital Colorado for the excellent care she continues to receive.  While Madelyn and her family have relocated to Texas and she receives care there now, Children's Hospital Colorado has a special place in their hearts.  Madelyn is now almost 11 years old and enjoys baking, riding her bike and other activities with her friends and family.  

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