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2019 Courage Classic

The Gene Team Rocks.
The Gene Team Rocks.

The Gene Team




   Why we ride


The Gene Team is 20 years strong. We raise money for research that helps identify certain disorders before their life altering effects. Research that affects the quality of life. We raise money for families that cannot afford the very expensive life sustaining metabolic formula and low protein food. We raise money to help send our kids to camp, where they are with their peers; where they all share many of the same feelings of being different. We raise money to send our parents to conferences where they get knowledge and support. We raise dollars to ensure that our programs continue, when we can't.
We are The Gene Team. We are a team of heart. Join us! We need your help to pay it forward.






Sponsors for 2019- We are so grateful!


BioMarin is back as a Platinum Sponsor

SVE Autobody Specialists is back as a Platinum Sponsor

Ajinomoto Cambrooke is a Silver Sponsor 

Horizon Pharma is back as a Silver Sponsor


Nutricia is back as a Bronze Sponsor

Recordati is back as a Bronze Sponsor

Vitaflo USA is a Bronze Sponsor



CYCLE Pharma is back as a CopperSponsor

One Stop Property Inspections OSPI is back as a Chrome Sponsor



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