2017 Courage Classic

Lyla and Gabriella
Lyla and Gabriella

American Racing Cycling Team

American Racing Cycling Team          

We are a team that continues to grow every year. 2017 will be our biggest team yet and we look to raise over $68,000 to benifit The Children's Hospital. 

I’d like you to meet our inspiration for this year’s American Racing Cycling Team, Lyla Schaefer and Gabriella Snow. Their parents, Jeff and Christy Schaefer and Michael and Lori Snow (American Racing Cycling Team Members) can tell you first hand how Children’s Hospital Colorado has played a huge roll in not only their daughter's lives but their families as well. Please read their stories as you consider making a gift to any of our team member's personal fundraising pages. Just click on their name and donate.


In February of 2013, my now middle daughter, Lyla, was diagnosed with a heart defect called a Sinus Venosus Atrial Septal Defect (ASD) by Dr Karrie Villavicencio, a pediatric cardiologist, at the Children’s Hospital Colorado North Campus. Her empathy and compassion as someone who had to break this news to frightened parents whom she just met was astounding. From that point on we found out full open heart surgery was the only option for our little Lyla. As a parent your life stops when you hear the news like this. We met with our surgeon Dr. Max Mitchell and his team and from that point forward we knew everything was going to be okay. On Thursday, May 23rd Lyla went in for her operation and from there we were exposed to the most exceptional, caring and empathetic nursing staff. We were by Lyla’s side right after the surgery but the support from Children’s Hospital Colorado that stood by us, guiding us every step of the way is what truly made the difference. Today, Lyla is a happy, healthy, energetic 6-year-old who loves swimming, tee-ball and being a middle sister. We are forever be grateful and a lifelong supporters of Children’s Hospital Colorado and the people that dedicate their lives to make it work.


Those that know our daughter Gabriella and her delightful, happy disposition might easily forget the challenges she has endured!
Born June 13, 2014, she was 5 weeks premature and low birth weight. After a month still requiring oxygen, we were referred to Children’s Hospital for further diagnosis, where our amazing journey began. There they discovered she was aspirating her formula as well as her reflux, causing irreparable damage to her lungs. She required surgery to stop the reflux and to place a feeding tube since she could no longer eat or drink safely. She was subsequently diagnosed with heart defects, vision problems, muscle tone problems, severe sleep apnea and later, Sensory Processing Disorder. Thankfully, she has made it through all these challenges with the care of many great Specialists at Children's, 2 subsequent surgeries on each eye, as well as ongoing Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapies. She eventually re-learned to eat and drink safely, but still needs the feed tube to get an adequate amount of liquids.
Gabriella’s resilience through all this astounds us and teaches us perseverance and the meaning of pure joy and happiness daily. Today she is a healthy, thriving toddler with a joyful spirit and adorable disposition that brings cheer to everyone she meets. Without the expert care and medical treatments provided by Children's Hospital, she might not have made it to today.
We ride to thank Children’s Hospital for all they have done for Gabriella and our family.
Unfortunately, many more children in Colorado suffer even greater medical challenges. Our participation in the Courage Classic on the American Racing Cycling Team will ensure they too can receive the medical care they so desperately need.





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